Welcome to Naptime Diaries' Make Room for Advent site! This is our fifth year celebrating Advent as a company, and we are thrilled to add this interactive site for the first time to walk through the Advent season with our community. 

The Lord gave us the theme "Make Room" this year as He pressed on our hearts: what would it look like to make room for the Lord throughout Advent instead of succumbing to the busyness and pressures of the world? 

In our shop, you'll find an Advent calendar, a Make Room for Advent devotional, and bundles of the devotional for groups. This site is a companion site designed to accompany those materials.

Here you'll find:
teaching videos by Jess Connolly to accompany the devotional (live December 1st
decorating ideas
family and community activities
discussion questions for groups
- a connect page where you can see how others are using their Advent products
blog posts from our community sharing their Advent takeaways 

Join us this December in making room to remember that Christ came for us, made a way for us, and that He's coming back.